Our History

A Timeline: Early-Mid 2015-2016 -- C_Corp2002 Started toying with the idea of a Minecraft Server, but didn't know what it should look like. (Something Sci-Fi/Space) Late 2016 -- C_Corp2002, ButtonmashTP (Now: Oshwatt), Millycow, Crazymario5, and...

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Editors Note

C_Corp2002 - Editors Note: First off, the Celestial Expanse Network (Formerly known as: Colossal Combat Network) Mechanics are nearly entirely custom and have no relation to StarLegacy/StarQuest Code. Along with that most of the custom features are...

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An Introduction to The Celestial Expanse

An Introduction / Basic Concepts: The Celestial Expanse is a Space/SciFi server with Towns, Nations, Custom Planets / Orbits, Galaxies, working, player built Movecraft Vehicles (Such as Starfighters, Planes, Tanks, Ships...), and a diverse list of u...

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